Clone of Florida Matters: Seeing Tampa Bay Like a Tourist

Florida Matters: Seeing Tampa Bay Like a Tourist

You may call the Tampa Bay area home, but have your really seen it through the eyes of a tourist?
What is your favorite part of living in the Tampa Bay area? Is it seeing the glint of a dolphin's tail as it surfaces just offshore? The sweet smell of citrus blossoms in one of the area's vast groves during the springtime? Or sitting in your rocking chair on the front porch as a huge thunderstorm booms overhead? Today on Florida Matters, we'll take several trips to some of the places that makes our area unique.
Come take a tour of the 1920's Moorish Masterpiece that is the Tampa Theatre. Give your taste buds a ride through the world's largest food truck rally. Go on an after-dark run with runners doing their version of a pub crawl. Sample the visual delights of that surrealistic master, Salvador Dali. And go with us on a kayak ride down the Little Manatee River.


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