Florida Matters

  • Florida Matters: A Fictional Florida

    We're talking about the way Florida has been depicted in recent years.

  • Florida Matters: Nurturing Entrepreneurship In Tampa

    How to grow -- and keep -- successful entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay.

  • Florida Matters: Share Your Roadside Attraction Memories

    It’s summer and there’s no better time to share your memories of Florida's roadside attractions.


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Florida Matters: Nurturing Entrepreneurship In Tampa Bay
The statistics are familiar; most startups don't make it. But job growth and innovation are the life blood of a thriving community. On Florida Matters, we discuss how to grow -- and keep -- successful entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay....more...

Carson CooperSchedule:
Tuesday at 6:30 PM | Sunday at 7:30 AM on WUSF 89.7
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Host: Carson Cooper is a familiar voice. He has become a favorite of WUSF listeners as the host of Morning Edition on WUSF 89.7 since he took the job in 2000. Carson has worked in Tampa Bay radio for more than two decades. He has been the host of WUSF 89.7's Florida Matters since its launch in 2006.

Robin SussinghamHost: Robin Trohn Sussingham is a reporter and program host at WUSF Public Broadcasting, and is the producer of Florida Matters. She came to WUSF from public radio stations KUER and KCPW in Utah, has contributed stories to NPR and Marketplace, and also has an extensive background in print reporting. She was born in Lakeland and often reports about Polk County.

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Florida Matters: Share Your Florida Roadside Attraction Memories
It’s the height of summer and there’s no better time to share your memories of Florida's roadside attractions. This week, WUSF’s Florida Matters is taking a look at some classic places that don’t fit the definition of modern...
Florida Matters: Residential Landscaping Trends
A massive fish kill in the Indian River Lagoon in spring has been linked to fertilizer use, and with growing concerns about pesticides and where food comes from, more people are growing their own produce right in their own yard...
Florida Matters Newsmaker: Rays President Brian Auld
Imagine a baseball park that is free and open to the public when no games are scheduled. Imagine real grass but with a roof to shield you from Florida’s frequent rain storms. Those are just a few of the ideas and innovations...
Florida Matters: The Orlando Nightclub Massacre
The shooter in the Orlando mass murder was Omar Mateen, a US citizen and practicing Muslim, who professed his allegiance to ISIS during his attack on the gay nightclub. Florida Matters Host Robin Sussingham talks with Retired...

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