Dr. Sylvia Campbell and Jeanne Hardin-Gres

Dr. Sylvia Campbell and Jeanne Hardin-Gres

Dr. Sylvia Campbell, dubbed “Saint Sylvia" by friends and admirers, is a general surgeon at St. Joseph's Hospital. She donates thousands of hours in service to charitable causes and perhaps is best known for her tireless service to the working poor who visit the Judeo-Christian Health Clinic in Tampa. She also leads medical mission trips to Haiti and Uganda, carrying thousands of pounds of donated supplies and performing routine as well as extraordinary surgeries on people who otherwise wouldn't survive. Jeanne Hardin-Gres, an Army reservist often called into active duty in recent years, is the nurse anesthetist who accompanies Sylvia to Haiti. Both recently returned from a pilgrimage to do similar volunteer work in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

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