The 9/11 Anniversary: Florida Remembers

The attacks took place far from Florida. The planes crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside the Pentagon, and of course, the Twin Towers. But the events of 9/11 shook Florida to its core – and still shakes us 10 years later.
WUSF looks at Florida’s role on that day 10 years ago…from President Bush reading to Sarasota children as the attacks occurred, to the military men and women at CENTCOM who understood their lives would never be the same. And we also explore how that day changed Florida, for better and for worse.


With the tenth anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks just over a month away, the city of Madeira Beach is preparing to build a memorial to the victims of that tragic day. A pair of USF students have designed that memorial, which will feature a 800-pound piece of steel taken from the World Trade Center wreckage. This week's University...

Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001? President Bush was reading to schoolchildren in Sarasota...and WUSF's Steve Newborn was there...
Rudi Deckers watched the towers fall, not yet knowing two former students at his Venice flight school were responsible..
And the leaders at CENTCOMM prepared for war, a war that's still going on today....

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