Wiring the Sarasota Performance Studio

WUSF’s engineers continue working feverishly on the new Sarasota studio. Wires are being installed for live performances and interviews and the speakers and clocks are up in both the control room and the performance studio.

Blog Photos: 
How many tools does it take to wire a studio?
Mike O'Shea showing off the new studio.
Entrance to the new studio
Control room window
Studio Board...So  many buttons!
Every wire neatly in its place
A new microphone waiting to be used
Engineer Mike O'Shea, hard at work


ArtHouse is an open house that provides the public the opportunity to view the art work from photo, painting, sculpture and electronic media School of Art students. Entertaiment provided from live musicians.

MUS- Music Recital Hall


4202 E. Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL 33620
United States

Colloquium: Trenton Doyle Hancock: Narrative Practices

Guest artist Trenton Doyle Hancock and curator David Norr will be joined by university scholars from other disciplines, with panel moderated by Megan Voeller, IRA Curatorial Assistant.

The Othello Project

The British International Theatre (BRIT) program combines two radically different approaches to Shakespeare’s Othello in a week of shared, key scene presentations in various settings around the USF Theatre Centre.

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