Necronomicon 2010


Hugo and Nebula Award-winning writer David Gerrold joins other best-selling science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors at the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association's 29th annual NecronomiCon, at the Hilton Bayfront St. Petersburg this October 22, 23, and 24.

Woman thinking Voters’ Voices
There’s a new poll out almost every day now that the primary election is upon us, and the leader seems to change with every survey. In cooperation with Bay News 9 and the St. Petersburg Times, we’ll be following a group of voters through the November election to get their opinions and perspectives as the races progress. This week, meet our group and find out what’s on their minds.

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Latest News 8-20-10 Afternoon

Latest News 8-20-10 Afternoon

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WUSF Public Media is Making Exciting New Changes to its Radio Programming and Adding 103.9 FM to the Tampa Area!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
jazz trumpet player
jazz trumpet player

WUSF Public Media is making some exciting new changes to its radio programming. Our new Sarasota station, WSMR 89.1, will provide the community with its only full-time classical music station and WUSF 89.7 will broadcast a news and information format with all night jazz.

Gaynell Dickerson speaking with Norm Motko
They say you really know when it's true love, and that it's forever. Even if you rob the cradle like Gaynell Dickerson says she did when she met Norm Motko. She's 84, and Norm is 83, and they are sweet-hearts who met at the Bachelors and Belles dance in Tampa. They're content to share their lives for as long as they can, they talk about their life together from their home in Forest Hills.

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