Gaynell Dickerson speaking with Norm Motko
They say you really know when it's true love, and that it's forever. Even if you rob the cradle like Gaynell Dickerson says she did when she met Norm Motko. She's 84, and Norm is 83, and they are sweet-hearts who met at the Bachelors and Belles dance in Tampa. They're content to share their lives for as long as they can, they talk about their life together from their home in Forest Hills.

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Rednek Geer Ribfest 2010

If you haven't already been made aware of the opportunities that Rednek Geer, LLC presents to patrons who want to entertain their friends in style; kick off September at the REDNEK GEER RIBFEST. The event will take place on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 at Cowboys Western World from 10am-7pm.

Cowboys Western World


120 ST. RD. 60E.
Plant City, FL 33567
United States

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