Rock Solid - Chris Angermann speaking with Bob Kreilick
Author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Bob Kreilick went to work as a core driller 3 days after he finished high school, it turned into a lucrative career and eventually led to his own drilling company. Bob recently sat down with his friend Chris Angermann to talk about his memoir, his charity, and his life...

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College, Postsecondary Planning Seminar

College and postsecondary planning seminars are scheduled for area high schools in September. Students and parents of public, private, charter and home schools, ninth through twelfth grades, are invited to the seminars at any of the locations. There is no charge to attend.

New Seeds aprés Salon Poetry Show featuring Aleshea Harris

Aleshea Harris has shared her spoken word poetry at The Studio@620, American Stage Theatre, The Knoxville Poetry Slam, First Night St. Pete and Sacred Grounds Poetry Slam.

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