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Morning News 9-21-10

Latest News 9-21-10 Morning

WUSF 89.7 Morning News 9-21-10
Football on the field The Business of College Football
College football in Florida is more than a Saturday afternoon pastime for players, coaches and fans. It’s also big business, generating millions of dollars in revenues for universities. The start of play this year, though, has included questions about improper benefits for student-athletes in Florida and around the country. We’ll weigh the benefits and limitations of the way our college football system is set up and talk about the ethics and the business of college ball.

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Progressive Issues in the Florida Senate Campaign

Susan Smith will be presenting. Susan is the Chair of the Campaign and Precinct Organizing Committee Hillsborough County Democratic Party.

Latest News 9-20-10 Afternoon

Latest News 9-20-10 Afternoon

WUSF 89.7 Afternoon News 9-20-10
Amendment 4 Pros, Cons
CLEARWATER (9-20-10)
Length: (1:5)

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