Volcano demonstration at USF GeoExpo USF GeoExpo / Florida Dance Festival
This week’s University Beat on WUSF-TV/DT takes you to the recent “USF GeoExpo,” where students from both USF and area high schools got a chance to see the latest high-tech gear used in the geosciences and talk to some of the experts looking at the earth and water around us.
Also: For the first time in a dozen years, USF is hosting the Florida Dance Festival. This week's University Beat on WUSF 89.7 FM previews the event, which starts June 15th and brings together professional dancers and choreographers from around the country for workshops and public performances.

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Latest News 5-28-10 Afternoon

Latest News 5-28-10 Afternoon

WUSF 89.7 Afternoon News 5-28-10

SkyWatch at MOSI

See the universe up-close and personal through MOSI’s telescopes. Gaze at planets, star clusters, the moon, and other celestial showpieces. Get your questions answered by MOSI’s astronomy staff and MARS Club members.

HAM Kid Radio Day

Guests are invited to pick up a mike and ride the air waves with local Amateur Radio Clubs and communicate with other operators around the continent. Event is FREE with paid MOSI admission and FREE to MOSI Members.

CSI: The Experience Grand Opening

CSI: The Experience Grand Opening

Shirley Schultz speaking with Craig Georg
This week's Florida Story was found just down the hall, it's the story of our Shirley Schultz and her husband Bob. Like so many others, they decided to move south to Florida. But as she tell's WUSF's Craig Georg, instead of taking the road here, she and Bob decided to pack up the cat and take the river route...and it wasn't easy.

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