Ballot box Primary Election: The Final Push
Several high-profile statewide primary races are neck-and-neck right now, and the candidates have gotten very heated in their rhetoric and their advertising. Would-be nominees have one last week to make their case and position themselves with their party’s voters. Veteran political strategists help us figure out what the last-minute strategies will be and how primary winners will fare in the general election.

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Latest News 8-17-10 Afternoon

Latest News 8-17-10 Afternoon

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Discover the Wildflower Wayside Shrine

Carol Mahler and Rick LaVoy will present a “Literary Nature Talk” on the the habitat of the SFCC Wildflower Wayside Shrine nature trail. LaVoy, education coordinator at Archbold Biological Station, will identify the flora and fauna endemic to the Lake Wales Ridge.

Guy LaBree: Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles

Carol Mahler will talk about the challenges which Guy LaBree has confronted to present the Seminole point of view in his paintings of Seminole legend, culture, and history. A book signing follows the program.

Living in Paradise

Hermann Trappman tells the story of Florida's native people and how they learned to survive and defend a powerful, challenging place.

Looking at Photography

Joey Sacco will guide us through an overview of well-known historical photographs. Looking at these photos will be a starting point for understanding the way photography shapes how we see the world.

Behind the Brushstroke: Early Avon Park

Artist Janet King will discuss her recent historical paintings of Avon Park, on exhibit at SFCC MOFAC. She will share stories behind the places and buildings of early Avon Park.

Florida Frontier: Carlton Ward Jr.

Carlton Ward Jr. discusses and signs his book Florida Cowboys: Keepers of the Last Frontier. The book includes stunning photography and 20 essays with historical, cultural, and environmental perspective.

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