Latest News 8-18-10 Afternoon

Latest News 8-18-10 Afternoon

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Second Annual WMNF Peace Awards

The WMNF Peace Awards will be a very special evening!

The WMNF Peace Awards are designed to honor those who have made great strides and efforts in the areas of human rights, social and economic justice, the environment and non-violence.

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Morning News 8-18-10

Latest News 8-18-10 Morning

WUSF 89.7 Morning News 8-18-10
Ballot box Primary Election: The Final Push
Several high-profile statewide primary races are neck-and-neck right now, and the candidates have gotten very heated in their rhetoric and their advertising. Would-be nominees have one last week to make their case and position themselves with their party’s voters. Veteran political strategists help us figure out what the last-minute strategies will be and how primary winners will fare in the general election.

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