High school teachers in an Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) Chemistry
While Advanced Placement classes are challenging to high school students, they're not exactly easy for the teachers either! USF's David C. Anchin Center and the College of Education recently hosted the AP Summer Institute, and this week's University Beat on WUSF takes you inside the classrooms and laboratories and speaks to some of the teachers, ranging from first-time AP instructors looking for pointers to long-time veterans refreshing their skills.

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screen shot of the e-mailed prescriptions
USF Health is taking a leading role in changing the face of healthcare through a new public-private partnership called "PaperFree Tampa Bay." This week's University Beat tells you how USF Health is trying to get physicians in the Bay area to convert from paper prescriptions to electronic prescribing, which will improve patient safety and eventually reduce costs.
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Pamela Martin, RN, MN, LHCRM, ARM, PaperFree Tampa Bay Project Manager
E-mail: or 813-974-3650

David C. Anchin Center at USF's College of Education

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Brian Mann, the Associate Director of the USF Anchin Center and Director for the Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI), talks about the Institute's opening day School Superintendents' Roundtable and how hosting the APSI benefits USF.

A pair of new AP teachers, Courtney Stuckwisch (English, G.W. Carver HS in New Orleans) & Valery Louisdhon (Chemistry, King HS in Tampa), explain what they were learning in the classroom and the laboratory.

Courtney Stuckwisch on her experiences with "Teach For America" and as a teacher in New Orleans' Upper Ninth Ward.

Genevieve Delfosse, an APSI instructor and French teacher at Jefferson HS in Alexandria, VA, talks about the advantages of "immersion teaching" for foreign languages.

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Dr. Stephen Klasko, CEO of USF Health and Dean of the College of Medicine, on how PaperFree Tampa Bay, along with other recent developments, helps advance USF Health's reputation on the worldwide stage.


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children at school
You can't live in Florida without hearing about FCAT on the news. It's a lightning rod issue, and the Florida legislature recently approved a new bill that will shake things up a bit more. We speak with a teacher, a former administrator, a researcher and a parent to learn their views on the FCAT. Host Irene Maher then introduces us to a group of leaders in Pinellas County determined help students caught in the achievement gap. Larry Elliston introduces us to tipper the dog, who's having a dog-gone good time getting kids excited to read.

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gun on top of money
Conventional wisdom says crime rises when the economy goes bad; studies say that has been true during every recession since the 1950s. With the country facing what many consider to be the deepest recession in 70 years, that could mean a spike in criminal activity. This week, we'll learn more about why crime jumps in a bad economy, and see how that's really playing out in the Bay area.
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Robert Batey explains why we don't have reliable crime data in the U.S. and talks about whether police and prosecutors give people without jobs different treatment. (3:47)

Sheriff Grady Judd explains how crime analysis and what he calls “proactive policing” began in Polk County a decade ago. (2:57)

Major Harold Winsett explains the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office process of analyzing cases in each of its divisions and adjusting crime-fighting strategies. (1:35)

February 27, 2009


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Pieter Kohnstam
For nearly a year, Pieter Kohnstam and his family endured countless hardships as they fled Amsterdam and the Nazi persecution in 1942. The family traveled thousands of miles through half a dozen countries before they reached freedom in Argentina. Pieter recently talked to his friend David Fischer about escaping from the Nazis, and why he turned those experiences into the book, "A Chance to Live."
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Pieter describes the chapter, 'Operation Jump', from his book, A Chance to Live.

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