Gavel Drug Court:Treatment, Not Jail
People arrested for drug crimes often face jail time and perhaps court-ordered rehabilitation or treatment. In drug court, that’s flipped around: outpatient or residential treatment, regular check-ins with a judge, and jail time as a last resort. The program mixes criminal justice and social services in an effort to help nonviolent offenders -- and save the system money -- by keeping them from relapsing. This week, we’ll visit the drug court in Florida’s Sixth Circuit to see what happens and why it’s making a difference in participants’ lives.

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USF School of Accountancy graduates & faculty perform a flash mob dance at the Graduation Reception Accounting Graduation Dance / Smoking Cessation Booklets
Probably the last place you expect to see students break into a flash mob style dance number is in the middle of the USF School of Accountancy Graduation Reception, but that’s exactly what happened at the recent ceremony. University Beat was there, and you’ll see exactly what happened on this week’s report on WUSF-TV/DT.
Also: Can a simple pamphlet help someone quit smoking? Do some pamphlets do a better job than others at getting people to stay away from cigarettes? That’s what the Moffitt Cancer Center is trying to find out, and they’ve received an almost 3 million dollar grant to conduct a study that needs two-thousand volunteers. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 FM has the story.

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Nature Coast Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society July 13 7:30 PM Meeting

The subject of the upcoming July 13, 7:30 PM meeting is "Orchids of Florida", presented by Don "Woody" Wood. Don, a past president of the Orchid Society of West Pasco, is a land surveyor who got interested in orchids in 1978 and has been working with them ever since.

Blue: Take the Global Water Challenge

Enjoy a great time while raising funds for Water For People, in
association with What About Blue? and Florida Section AWWA.
Water For People is an organization that supports the development

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