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It's not "practice makes perfect," it's "perfect practice makes perfect." This week's University Beat looks at how USF Health is using the latest technology at its new Simulation Center at Tampa General Hospital to improve the training and skills of physicians, nurses and other practitioners.
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Stephanie McKown, RN, BSN, Clinical Education Specialist, USF Health Simulation Center at Tampa General Hospital
E-mail: or 813-844-3436

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Dr. Alexander Rosemurgy, USF professor of surgery & medicine and Associate Dean of Medical Simulation & Academic Enrichment, says the simulators aren't so much about 'surprising' practitioners with the unbelievable.

Dr. Rosemurgy talks about the 'human element' simulators like SimMan ( bring to medical training.

Dr. Rosemurgy says simulators fit into the evolution of medical training.

Dr. Stuart Hart, a USF Assistant professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology, takes us through a virtual procedure on the Lap Mentor II (

National Geographic's New Kid's Almanac Geographic's Kid's Almanac
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