Phyllis Lorelli and Tom Bryant Phyllis Lorelli and Tom Bryant
Phyllis and Jerry Lorelli were living in Bradenton in 1992 when Phyllis reconnected with a childhood friend from Pennsylvania. That friendship helped her through her husband’s illness from cancer and eventual death. She spoke to Tom Bryant about her friends Judith and Ed Viner.

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Icare4Autism2010: The Cocktail Gala

The International Center for Autism Research and Education (Icare4autism) will hold a major happening in Tampa. The event, Icare4autism 2010: Cocktail Gala, will be held from 6pm-10pm on Thursday evening, Apr. 15.


In honor of Da Vinci's fascination with natural design, MOSI invites you for a celebration of the egg! Activities include an egg scavenger hunt, an egg toss using a Da Vinci-inspired catapult and a safe egg drop. FREE with paid MOSI admission.

Flying Machines Camp-In

Let your imagination soar in this overnight flight camp-in inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's flights of fancy. Build and test aircraft designs out of paper and other experimental materials. Practice flying hot air balloons, helicopters, and other flying machines. Go on a guided exploration of DaVinci - The Genius Exhibition and experiment with your own high-flying designs.

Da Vinci After Dark

Join MOSI for the first in a three-part lecture series exploring the genius that was Da Vinci. Topics will feature discussion on religion, invention and an exploration into the mind of Da Vinci. Lecture series includes admission to MOSI's Special Exhibition, Da Vinci - The Genius and cash bar.

Lecture 1: Deism and Da Vinci

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