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Since 1995, USF's Division of Infectious Disease and the Florida Department of Health have been working together to find the best treatment and diagnostic tools for HIV and AIDS. This week's University Beat brings you to the Clinical Research Unit to talk to the researchers who are conducting dozens of studies and the patients who are benefiting from them.
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HIV Clinical Research Unit
E-mail: HCHDResearchUnit@doh.state.fl.usf or 813-307-8067

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Dr. Don Kurtyka, Assistant Professor in USF's College of Medicine & Director of HIV Services at the Hillsborough County Specialty Care Center, talks about how health care and treatment of people with HIV or AIDS has changed over time, and how that's paying off in increased lifespan.

Dr. Don Kurtyka talks about how important it is for people with HIV or AIDS to follow a structured schedule when it comes to taking their medicines.

Dr. Don Kurtyka talks about the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, or A.D.A.P., located in the Hillsborough County Specialty Care Center.

Clincial research participant Dennis Coffer says he's glad he's taken part in five trials at the HIV Clincial Research Unit over the last dozen years.



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Citizens Logo
A task force has been meeting over the last few months charged by state lawmakers with finding ways to return Citizens Property Insurance Corp. to the state's "insurer of last resort." Citizens is the largest property insurance company in Florida with more than a million policies, but the Legislature created the task force to figure out how to return some of those policies to the private market. The task force will make its recommendations by January 31 and met this week in Tampa to start to finalize its report. Two of the more controversial suggestions would hike insurance rates until they are "actuarially sound" — in other words, until the premiums charged could sustain potential payouts — and would force Citizens policyholders to accept offers from other insurance companies to take over their policies. But consumers, lawmakers and others are concerned about having no choice who their property insurance company could be. And they're worried some of the companies taking over the policies are too small or too new to cover the risk. This week, join us as we break down some proposed new changes to the state's property insurance landscape and learn more about these so-called "take-out" companies.
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Listen to more of our conversation with state Sen. Mike Fasano about proposals to force Citizens policyholders to accept offers of coverage from private insurers.

Listen to Mike Gold explain the "fat" he sees in most insurance companies and how his company has eliminated some of that "fat."

Listen to an expanded portion of our conversation with Gold about how his company would respond to catastrophic disaster in Florida.

Listen to Gold's take on some of the other smaller insurance companies doing business in Florida.

Listen to Bruce Douglas talk about the makeup of the Citizens mission review task force.

June 29, 2009


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Adrienne Garcia and Cassandra Gonzmart
Sometimes the bonds of friendship become like family relationships. A lasting friendship grew out of family connections for Cassandra Gonzmart and Adrienne Garcia. Eventually, the two recognized that Cassandra became like the daughter Adrienne never had. The women talked about their shared experiences and the strengthening of their friendship through loss when they recorded this conversation for StoryCorps during their stop in Sarasota in early 2006.
May 19, 2006

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