House bank The Plunging Housing Market
For nearly a year, home buyers and sellers alike have been wondering: how much farther is the bottom of the housing market? There were some positive signs last month when the Florida Association of Realtors released October's existing home sales numbers. Turns out, those sales rose 11 percent in the Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater market as prices for those homes fell. But November's numbers haven't yet been released, and by some accounts, sales last month weren't as brisk. This week on Florida Matters, our guests try to pin down the elusive housing market and give us a sense of where we are - and where we're going.

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Delia and Frank Sanchez Delia and Frank Sanchez
Delia Sanchez was born into a family who placed great emphasis on traditional values and traditional familial roles. One challenge she would experience as a young adult involved her pursuit of a college education. Had she not gone to college, her future in the educational system in Hillsborough County might not have been a reality. Delia spoke with her son Frank about her family background and professional achievements when the two sat down for a conversation in 2006.

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