USF is joining the ranks of Yale, Johns Hopkins and UCLA by taking part in the National Institute of Health's three-point-two billion dollar "National Children's Study." The study will follow 100-thousand children around the country from before birth to the age of 21 to see the effect the interaction of genes and the environment has on their health.
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Dr. Kathleen O'Rourke, Professor of Epidemiology, USF College of Public Health
E-mail: or 813-974-3240

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Dr. Kathleen O'Rourke, USF Professor of Epidemiology and co-director of the Hillsborough and Orange Counties' sections of the National Children's Study, talks about what participants can expect to get out of the experience.

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Dr. O'Rourke says the huge amount of money that will eventually be spent on the study will be worth it both because of the depth of the study and what the results might be.



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Election 2008
The long contest for president is over and the 111th Congress is nearly set. In Florida, the next state Legislature is decided and voters have amended the state's constitution several more times. Now attention turns to moving our communities, our state and our nation forward. We take some time this week on Florida Matters to visit again with two names you'll remember from their reports as delegates to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. And we'll get some analysis about what the election results mean for the Bay area and for Florida.
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Ana Cruz and Greg Truax explore how African-American, Hispanic and young voters impacted the presidential race in Florida.

Cruz and Truax talk about what an Obama administration might mean for Florida in the coming years.

Truax highlights some of the reasons Republicans were celebrating locally on Election Night. And he outlines the role Florida Gov. Charlie Crist played in the McCain campaign.

Cruz and Truax cover some of the Congressional races in Florida and explore how the state could vote for a Democrat for president and still largely keep Republican Congressional representation.

Dr. Susan MacManus and Dr. Tony Brunello discuss the impact of political ads in the presidential campaign and the half-hour program the Obama campaign paid for on several major networks. MacManus also posits that this election marks the end of public financing for presidential campaigns.

MacManus explains why Florida voters have always retained judges, including ones on this year's ballot.

MacManus and Brunello discuss offshore drilling and a national catastrophe fund as issues that will likely face President-elect Obama once he takes office.

Host Carson Cooper asks our guests the key question: now that the presidential race is decided and the election is over, do they miss it?

June 26, 2009


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Jochen and Elsa Wagner
Elsa Moravek was born in Argentina in 1935. That year her father, originally from Prague, was selling arms in South America and befriended Albert Goering, selling arms for Germany. Several years later, these men would work from Romania with resistance groups to aid those fleeing the Nazis in Europe. Elsa recently spoke with her husband about her father's experience during this time, and her father's alliance with Goering.
November 9, 2007

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