traffic in St. Petersburg Commuting and Traffic in the Tampa Bay Area
Sometimes driving in the Bay area can be a real pain. But are we really worse than Los Angeles, New York or even Atlanta? Forbes magazine says we are -- the magazine dubbed the Tampa Bay metro area as the worst for commuters in a recent issue. That got us thinking about our traffic. And it has us asking, how bad is it, really? We’ll talk about that and about some of the ideas people have for making our roads a little less congested.

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Serenade/The Proposition

In a unique collaboration, USF School of Theatre & Dance students reconstruct and perform a multidisciplinary work from the New York-based Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. Acclaimed choreographer and director Bill T. Jones' Serenade/The Proposition approaches the legacy of Abraham Lincoln as a rumination on the nature of history and our relationship to it.

St. Pete Marriott Roosevelt Blvd, Clearwater


12600 Roosevelt, Blvd
St. Petersburg,, FL 33716
United States

In Search of Lost Sounds

Frederick Collection

They used to be companions of famous people. Their intimates included Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, and Debussy. Which is to say: This library is filled with the pianos great composers wrote for.

STAND Anti-Genocide Soccer Tournament

Blow the whistle on genocide.

Come out and support STAND in our yearly soccer tournament to raise funds and awareness of current genocide.

Register as a team or as a free agent. Registration for this soccer tournament will be open until 4/16 at midnight. There is a 10 dollar suggested donation per person.

Quilt Show - Today’s Pleasures, Tomorrow’s Treasures XIII

Display of over 250+ quilts, ranging from Traditional to Art, from Appliqued to Pieced, etc. All made by the 130+ members of Suncoast Quilting Circle, including internationally- and nationally-recognized Art Quilter Pauline Salzman, who was featured in the Florida International Museum’s recent exhibit, “Sew – It’s Art.”

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Better Music by Prescription

doctor holding a prescription bottle
doctor holding a prescription bottle

Use of the little white pills, which suppress such physical effects of adrenaline as trembling, rapid heartbeat and sweating, is widespread among professional musicians facing major performances or auditions.

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