USF is about 2500 miles from Hollywood, California, but two students are getting attention for the award-winning short films and videos that they're making right here on campus. University Beat introduces you to Sarah Wilson and Jesse Newman and their film, "Focus," which won "Best Picture" honors in the Campus MovieFest's USF and statewide competitions.
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UPDATE: Sarah Wilson's video, "Drive to Arrive," won the 2008 Bridgestone Firestone "Safety Scholars" video contest, the second year in a row she's won the competition. Sarah's video will be broadcast as a public service TV commercial for Bridgestone Firestone next winter. In addition, she'll receive a $5,000 college scholarship and a trip to the Chicago AutoShow to show her video to top automotive journalists.

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USF students/filmmakers Sarah Wilson and Jesse Newman talk about how they met.

Sarah and Jesse talk about the meaning of their award-winning short film, "Focus."

Jesse Newman, a senior majoring in Social Science, talks about his internship at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Sarah Wilson, a junior majoring in Mass Communications, talks about her public service announcement, "Drive Smart," which was one of three winners in last year's Bridgestone Firestone "Safety Scholars" video contest.



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Offshore Drilling Rig
In July, President Bush rescinded the executive order banning oil and natural gas drilling of Florida's Gulf coast. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist - once an ardent supporter of the ban - has changed his mind and now supports repealing the ban. Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his Democratic rival Barack Obama are both now calling for more drilling to ease America's dependence on foreign oil and lower gas prices. And a "Gang of 10" U.S. Senators is proposing compromise legislation to allow more drilling along the Gulf coast. So how could new drilling impact Florida? What will it mean for our environment - and just how much oil and natural gas are we talking about? This week on Florida Matters, our panel gives us both sides of the issue, and we'll get a local perspective on things as well.
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David Mica talks about Congressional mandates for renewable fuels and steps taken by lawmakers and the petroleum industry to start reducing dependence on imported oil.

Sarasota County Commissioner Paul Mercier expresses frustration about the debate over offshore drilling and suggests some ways state and local officials can set policies to help reduce demand for oil and gas.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson spoke at a gathering of the state's mayors and the Florida League of Cities in Tampa August 15. Nelson talked about the future of NASA, climate change and offshore drilling. Listen to his comments about drilling for oil and natural gas off Florida's coast.

June 23, 2009


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Albert and Rudy Fernandez
Brothers Albert and Rudy Fernandez of Tampa recall one year of adventures and misadventures as grade school students in Spain, and for the first time they publicly reveal their secret superhero identities.
July 21, 2006

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