Charles Plumery is the crossing guard at Belcher Elementary "Old School" Walking
CLEARWATER (2009-10-05)
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cuban refugees Swine Flu/Cuba Relations
This week we meet up with some of Florida’s Cuban Americans to discuss our state's history with Cuba and our strained relationship, that continues today. We also talk embargo with some early exiles of the Castro revolution. We hear from Roberto Quiros, a Tampa man who escaped Cuba in 1994 by raft as he shares the drama of his experience.
Also: This week, state health officials said 102 people have died from swine flu in Florida. Doctors say the virus usually causes only a mild illness, and those who have died had underlying medical conditions. Still, all the talk of a swine flu pandemic has people worried, especially about school children. This week: an update on swine flu in the Bay area, and what to expect for the rest of flu season.

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Linda Goldstein and Helen Gordon Davis Linda Goldstein and Helen Gordon Davis
Helen Gordon, later Helen Gordon Davis, was born in New York City in 1926. Her intense drive for achievement came early in life. As an eight year old child, she lost her father to tuberculosis and subsequently contracted the disease herself, spending the next 2 years in a hospital ward in Jersey City, New Jersey. She tells friend Linda Goldstein it was at this time that her commitment to those less fortunate was cemented. We'll start with Helen recalling an incident that took place shortly after arriving in Tampa in the late 1940s, and how she quickly became involved in local political and social issues. From the League of Women Voters to the Florida House of Representatives and later the state senate, she carried her personal mission to represent those with few resources.

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A Lego Mindstorm NXT soccer-playing robot. Lego Robots / National Security, Energy & Climate
This week's University Beat on WUSF-TV takes you to the sidelines as a group of students in a USF College of Engineering research program put their custom-made Lego robots to the test in a high-tech game of soccer.
Also: The interconnected concerns over climate change, energy policy and national security recently took center stage at the University of South Florida, as former U-S Senators Bob Graham and John Warner were joined by military and science experts at a Pew Project Forum. This week’s University Beat takes you there and tells you how some feel that climate change could cause a domino effect ending in global conflict.

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food from different cultures Technology and Open Government
Join us as we explore the international diversity of the Bay Area. Florida is a melting pot, an international community that represents countries from around the globe. So what do foreigners bring to the table? We'll answer that question, literally, as we take a look at the types of food you can find in Florida thanks to our diverse international culture. We head to Pinellas county and meet some young immigrants in the public school system who are integrating into the American way of life. And Larry Elliston introduces us to a family who are happy to now call America home.
Also: Staffers at Florida’s utility regulator have been in trouble lately for giving their cell phones’ instant messaging codes to power company officials. Turns out, that could violate the state’s broad public records and open government laws if there is no record kept of conversations. This week, we’ll look at the impact on open government of rapid changes in the ways we communicate with each other.

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Linda and William Southworth Linda and William Southworth
Artistic life began for Linda Southworth at age 10, when she started taking private art lessons in Long Island. Years later, Linda earned her master's degree in fine arts while teaching, painting, and showing her own work in New York. Now a resident of St. Petersburg, Linda recently sat down with her father, William, to talk about her creative process, what prompted her interest in art, and what influences her work.

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