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Dan and Lyn Casseday
Before Dan and Lyn Casseday adopted their four sons, the brothers bounced around from foster home to foster home. The Cassedays have been able to give their new children a family, a home, and a sense of permanency through love and courage. Today Dan and Lyn discuss how the unimaginable happened, and how the family found solace in their faith - together.
October 27, 2006

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After a brief hiatus due to funding shortfalls, Upward Bound, a national program that helps low income and "first in their family" students get into college, has returned to USF. University Beat takes you to USF Upward Bound's summer program, where we see how the next generation of a family with long-standing ties to both USF and Upward Bound is helping students realize their dreams.
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Dr. Sharman Pride-McRae, Program Director, USF Upward Bound Program
E-mail: or 813-974-9138

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Dr. Sharman Pride-McRae, Program Director for USF Upward Bound, talks about the "field trips" to other universities and colleges around the state the class took during the summer session.

Dr. Sharman Pride-McRae says, in addition to the six-week summer session on campus, Upward Bound students return to USF every Saturday during the school year for extra help.

Dr. Sharman Pride-McRae talks about her father, Dr. Richard Pride, Sr., who led USF's Upward Bound Program from 1969 to 1996. Dr. Pride-McRae's mother, Eva "Evie" Pride was the first African-American faculty member at USF when she was hired as an assistant professor and reading clinician in 1966. Dr. Pride-McRae has worked at USF since 1983.

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