cars on the highway Mass Transit: The Next 40 Years
The Tampa Bay area poses a unique challenge for mass transportation. We'll take a look at the reasons we're behind other metropolitan areas our size and what community leaders are doing to increase our transportation options. You'll also see why having better transportation options makes for a better economy. And we'll hear from one man who has turned his commute to work into a way of life for his whole family.
Also: For years, the talk in Florida has been about mass transit. Here in the Bay area, a relatively new planning agency is taking a regional approach to transportation planning and has unveiled a 40-year master plan. Light rail, expanded bus routes, dedicated lanes - it's all in there. This week, TBARTA officials join us to anser the questions you've submitted about the plan.

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Former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara died on July 6, 2009. McNamara was highly criticized for his role in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and was often identified as the architect of the Vietnam War, one that affected the lives of tens of thousands of US troops abroad and their families at home. One of these men is Eugene Hairston. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Eugene enlisted in the Army when he was 18 as a way to escape the harsh upbringing he had endured. Here Eugene recalls his first memories of Vietnam, and the longer journey he traveled once he returned to the United States.

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