The Wilson family: Chris, Zachery, 9, Blake, 5, and Adrienne Health Care Reform, Family Style
NEW PORT RICHEY (2009-06-17)
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plant growing out of money Spurring (Economic) Growth
A new law significantly changes how the state handles growth. Business groups and developers say relaxing some of the requirements for new construction will jumpstart work and boost the state's economy, while some local governments and environmentalists argue the changes will lead to clogged roads and unchecked development. This week, what a new era in growth regulation could mean for Florida.

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Daryn and Valerie Kinney Daryn and Valerie Kinney
Daryn and Valerie Kinney were married on March 20, 1999. Shortly after returning home from a church-sponsored trip to Peru in August that year, Valerie quickly became sick. Not knowing the severity of the problem, Daryn rushed Valerie to the hospital where her condition continued to worsen. It was later found that the cause was a small tumor near Valerie's brain stem which led to a series of complications. Valerie recently sat down to talk with her husband about her medical condition at that time, the treatments performed and appreciation of their life together since then.

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A wounded veteran is wheeled into his new van Wheels for Warriors
TAMPA (2009-06-12)
Length: (3:25)

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