Aerial view of land Renewing ELAPP
Near the bottom of an already long ballot, voters in Hillsborough County will be asked to consider a local referendum to extend the county's Environmental Land Acquisition and Protection Program. In place since 1987, the program has purchased 44,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land. Voters approved an initial $20 million program, then expanded that to $100 million a few years later. ELAPP sunsets in 2011 so the renewal on the November 4 ballot calls for $200 million more to be spent buying land. This week, we'll help you understand ELAPP. And we'll look at how the program fits in with other land conservation programs throughout the state.

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Ed Brickman and Gloria Weissberg Ed Brickman and Gloria Weissberg
Ed Brickman was born in 1925 in the Bronx. Ed was the youngest of four children, and when the family broke up the 16 year old stepped in to help support his mother. By 18 Ed was drafted to serve in World War II. On returning home he met and later married his wife Alice and then began building his hardware business. Ed spoke with longtime friend Gloria Weissberg about his experiences from military service to entrepreneurship.

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