Larry Elliston on the waterfront Best of Florida Stories Part 2
This week Larry Elliston shares the stories of Floridians who have helped others move to Florida from overseas and "Dr. Bob" who volunteers his time to offer better healthcare. Plus, we'll meet a man who used his experience in prison to turn his life around and help others after he was released.
Also: As another hurricane season begins, officials don't want residents to be complacent after a few quiet seasons. It only takes one storm to ruin your summer. This week, we'll meet Florida's new emergency manager, debunk some hurricane preparation myths, and check on Galveston, Texas, where they weathered last year's biggest storm.

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Best of 2009 Best of 2009 Part 2
Welcoming refugees from Burma, escaping the control of a communist dictator, or recounting the details of a former life of crime...all of this might sound like the stuff of Hollywood movies. However, for Larry Elliston this is just the type of inspiration that helps him to create the unique personal portraits that are Florida Stories. Over the past few months Larry has introduced us to many interesting people living in and around the Bay area. In this episode we're revisiting some of Larry's favorite moments as featured during the Florida Matters TV series.

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