Teacher Pay at Play
TAMPA (2009-05-19)
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National Geographic's New Kid's Almanac Geographic's Kid's Almanac
TAMPA (2009-05-18)
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police officer Crime in the Sunshine State
This week we're taking a serious look at the state of crime in our area. We'll ask local law enforcement to weigh in on the trends they're seeing, and discuss ways we can all avoid becoming victims. And we'll take a look at the relationship between education and crime. Then Larry Elliston introduces us to a former convict who turned his life around and hopes to inspire others to do the same.
Also: An often-cited statistic among law enforcement professionals goes something like this: 6 percent of people commit 60 percent of the crime. We'll learn about efforts by one local sheriff's office to catch that 60 percent. Plus, white-collar and financial crimes have been all over the news. We'll look at how investigators are going after the culprits, this week.

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Tyrone Summerall Tyrone Summerall
Most of us would probably agree that, as unfortunate as the thought is, crime is a fact of life. But for Floridian Tyrone Summerall, a life of crime proved to be his curse and his blessing. Florida Matters producer Larry Elliston was given a chance to speak with Tyrone about growing up in a life of crime, the experience that forced him to see the error of his ways, and how he reintroduced himself to society as a new man.

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SMSgt. Rex Temple with his neices Vivi and Sara My Last Tour: Arrival
TAMPA (2009-05-15)
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Hillsborough Commissioner Rose Ferlita Sheltering Fido
TAMPA (2009-05-14)
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