Linda Goldstein and Helen Gordon Davis Linda Goldstein and Helen Gordon Davis
Helen Gordon, later Helen Gordon Davis, was born in New York City in 1926. Her intense drive for achievement came early in life. As an eight year old child, she lost her father to tuberculosis and subsequently contracted the disease herself, spending the next 2 years in a hospital ward in Jersey City, New Jersey. She tells friend Linda Goldstein it was at this time that her commitment to those less fortunate was cemented. We'll start with Helen recalling an incident that took place shortly after arriving in Tampa in the late 1940's, and how she quickly became involved in local political and social issues. From the League of Women Voters to the Florida House of Representatives and later the State Senate, she carried her personal mission to represent those with few resources.

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Map of Hillsborough County Hillsborough-Tampa Merge
In these days of tax reform and tight budgets, local governments are looking to save money. There has been talk in Hillsborough County of merging some services with Tampa. Can it make a difference? Would it be a good deal for residents? Join us this week!

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Mary Peluso and Rakel Boisvert Mary Peluso and Rakel Boisvert
Mary Peluso was, at the time this story took place in the early 1970's, married to her second husband and living in Maryland. She recently told her daughter Rakel Boisvert about Stephen, her son from that marriage and about the day that changed her life — August 31, 1972. This conversation was recorded on that same day 35 years later.

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