IKEA groundbreaking in June 2008 IKEA Opening Moved Up
TAMPA (2009-03-05)
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USF Budget Update

USF President Judy Genshaft announces administrative changes to help address projected budget shortfalls.
Nick Schuyler clinging to theboat. Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard Ex-USF Player Rescued in Gulf
ST. PETERSBURG (2009-03-02)
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Lucy Morgan All About the Money
TAMPA (2009-03-02)
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plant Biofuels Conference
LAKELAND (2009-03-02)
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children at school The State of Education
You can't live in Florida without hearing about FCAT on the news. It's a lightning rod issue, and the Florida legislature recently approved a new bill that will shake things up a bit more. We speak with a teacher, a former administrator, a researcher and a parent to learn their views on the FCAT. Host Irene Maher then introduces us to a group of leaders in Pinellas County determined help students caught in the achievement gap. Larry Elliston introduces us to tipper the dog, who's having a dog-gone good time getting kids excited to read.
Also: The traditional path of high school to college to career is not always the best path for all students. This week, we explore some of the ways educators are working to get their students prepared for careers, not just prepared for graduation. Plus, we talk to those often left out of the education conversation: students.

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