Insurance Building National Catastrophic Fund
Fires, earthquakes and hurricanes are costing property insurance rate payers a bundle. And with the devastating fires in southern California, some say Congress should reexamine a national catastrophic fund. It’s an idea that’s been floating around for at least the past twenty years. We look at how feasible the idea is, whether it is picking up steam in Congress, and what it would mean for the cost of property insurance here in Florida.

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Martha Cameron Martha Cameron and Kathleen Flynn
Martha Cameron was 23 in 1941 when she graduated from nursing school in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was working in Jersey City when Pearl Harbor was attacked later that year, and she enlisted with the Army Nursing corps as a surgical nurse, later an anesthetist. Martha spoke with friend Kathleen Flynn, granddaughter to a friend serving at the same time during the war, about arriving in Normandy in early June of 1944.

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