Delia and Frank Sanchez Delia and Frank Sanchez
Delia Sanchez was born into a family who placed great emphasis on traditional values and traditional familial roles. One challenge she would experience as a young adult involved her pursuit of a college education. Had she not gone to college, her future in the educational system in Hillsborough County might not have been a reality. Delia spoke with her son Frank about her family background and professional achievements when the two sat down for a conversation in 2006.

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caduceus Florida's Healthcare in '09
Some estimates say 20 percent of Floridians have no health insurance. The rising cost of healthcare - and the number of uninsured - are issues that were at the forefront of the presidental campaign and a focus of Gov. Charlie Crist's 2008 legislative agenda. As a result, a new program in Florida is slated to begin in January that would cover residents who've been without insurance for six months and another initiative would create a virtual marketplace for employers shopping for health coverage. It's still unclear what will happen with both programs - and how they will interface with President-elect Barack Obama's promise for health insurance for everyone. This week, join us for a conversation exploring the challenges and opportunities in Florida's healthcare system in the coming year.

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Daryn and Valerie Kinney Daryn and Valerie Kinney
Daryn and Valerie Kinney were married on March 20, 1999. Shortly after returning home from a church-sponsored trip to Peru in August that year, Valerie quickly became sick. Not knowing the severity of the problem, Daryn rushed Valerie to the hospital where her condition continued to worsen. It was later found that the cause was a small tumor near Valerie's brain stem which led to a series of complications. Valerie recently sat down to talk with her husband about her medical condition at that time, the treatments performed and appreciation of their life together since then.

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