woman voting The Impact of Bullying
This week we're going through the many levels of civic engagement that you can find in Florida. Carson Cooper introduces us to the up-and-coming political &new-wave," and describes how the use of high-tech social networking is becoming the norm. Irene Mayer talks with members of a Pasco County group, Protectors of Florida’s Legacy, that succeeded in turning down a Class 1 Landfill proposal in Dade City. The group argued that the project would have potentially damaged the natural resources in the area, and created an eyesore for the community. Irene also sits down with a community organizer from the NAACP, and a local activist from Florida Voices for Animals, to see how they use different approaches to achieve their goals. Larry Elliston introduces us to Stefani Busansky. Inspired by her daughter's 2001 diagnosis of cerebral palsy, Busansky turned her dream of a playground where kids of all abilities could play together into a reality.
Also: After a group of middle school students sexually assaulted one of their peers, many parents started to wonder: how bad is bullying i our schools? We look at what's going on in schools and why doctors now consider bullying a health issue. And we consider whether there are links between the schoolyard bully and the adult who bullies co-workers.

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Pat Spencer and Carolyn Lighty Pat Spencer
When taking into account the sum of her life experiences, Pat Spencer is a woman whose character can be described with many words, among them 'volunteer', 'advocate', and 'survivor'. Born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1936, Pat was a member of the NAACP's Youth Council as early as her elementary school years. Throughout her life, Pat has worked with the NAACP in various parts of the country, eventually settling down in Tampa where she has contributed her service as the area's director. Pat recently sat down with her friend Carolyn Lighty to discuss her involvement with the NAACP as well as some of her personal challenges and successes.

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Kickball Sonic ID: Adult Kickball
NORTHDALE (2009-06-26)
Length: (1:10)

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Florida Innovators Innovation
This week, we take a journey through Florida’s relationship with innovation, from past well-known inventions all the way to cutting-edge research and developments going on today. Host Irene Maher introduces us to Peter Lefferson, an inventor who embodies the saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We travel to Florida’s High-Tech Corridor to discover what makes Florida such a prime location to do research, and contributing reporter Larry Elliston heads to a well-known area hospital that soon may find a cure for cancer
Also: A bill waiting for the governor's signature would give water-permit approval authority to water management district directors instead of appointed boards. It's part of an unrelated bill allowing more Florida-friendly landscaping and was added at the last minute. This week on Florida Matters, we'll explore why some people say the change is a bad idea while others say it's not really a change at all.

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Henry "Mac" McCarthy Henry "Mac" McCarthy and Dorsay Fischer
Henry McCarthy was born in 1927 in Mt. Vernon, New York. After graduating from high school at the end of WWII, Henry moved from one job to another - a stint in the Coast Guard, commercial shrimp fishing, and time spent working as a carpenter - which eventually brought him to Florida where he discovered his love for boat-building. Henry recently talked with one of his canoe-building students, friend Dorsay Fischer, at his home in Sarasota. Henry detailed some of the events that led to his passion for hand-built canoes, and how the hobby-turned-occupation has helped him overcome some of his darker days.

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