CFO Alex Sink New Poll: Sink Rising
TAMPA (2009-06-09)
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Irene, Carson and Larry A Tribute to the Bay Area
Paying tribute to the Bay Area community for making Florida Matters possible: This week Larry and Carson join Irene in the studio to celebrate the first season of Florida Matters on TV. They take a look at their favorite segments throughout the first season and share with viewers some of the behind-the-scenes events that happened after the show aired. Our “Thank You” gift for members who support WUSF with $75 or more will receive a commemorative Florida Matters DVD featuring the first season of Florida Stories. It’s a great keepsake to have and a testimony to the impact your contribution can make to the community!
Also: The economic recession is keeping many would-be travelers at home. Across Florida, that's leading to amped-up marketing in hopes of drawing people here. This week, we take an informal survey of the tourism industry to find out what those businesses are expecting for the summer and where they are directing their efforts.

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Brad and Holly Swanson with their father Ted Ted Swanson
Ted Swanson is a man who worked under many titles during his days in the film industry. When he first got started in the business, it was at the bottom - as a page. In time he worked as a stunt man, then as an actor. He later found a foothold behind the camera as an assistant director, working on many film and television projects. Ted recently sat down to talk with his children Holly and Brad about fond memories of working in the film industry, but he also spent a good deal of time reminiscing about his two favorite roles - those of husband and father.

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