everglades Show Us the Money
While many of Florida's densely-populated counties experience problems associated with growth — the state's rural counties face problems of their own: Low wages, poverty, and lean county budgets. This week, we'll venture beyond the suburban sprawl to find out how rural counties are coping.

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Linda Goldstein and Helen Gordon Davis Linda Goldstein and Helen Gordon Davis
Helen Gordon Davis arrived in Tampa in the late 1940's, and quickly became involved in local politics and social issues. From the League of Women Voters to the Florida House and later the State Senate, Helen explains how she pursued a personal mission to help the less fortunate.

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fish wrapped in newspaper Wired and Worried
Financial losses in recent years have forced newspapers to lay off reporters and cut other key positions. Many blame the money problems on an industry that's trying to play catch-up with non-traditional media. This week we look at how newspapers are trying to adapt to an internet world with our guests.

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Valerie Wojciechowicz Valerie Wojciechowicz
Valerie Wojciechowicz was born and raised in New Jersey. Today she lives in Sarasota and working as personal trainer and an HIV/ AIDS awareness educator. Valerie's outlook on life wasn’t always what it is now. She explains how unexpected events shaped her life in a way she could not have anticipated.

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