Millie Finkel Millie Finkel
Millie Finkel was born on March 10, 1936 in Stamford, Connecticut. After high school Millie married her husband Gil, and together they traveled the world and lived a very contented life. In 1982 Millie was diagnosed with breast cancer, but always an optimistic woman she faced the disease head on. She spoke with StoryCorps facilitator Nelson Simon and shared memories of her battle with breast cancer and how her experience turned out to be a positive influence in her life.

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dementia devcie Festival of Reading and Dementia Device
A USF professor has developed a new tracking system that identifies people who may be at risk for dementia by analyzing their patterns of movement. University Beat takes you to a local living facility where the device is being tested out on residents - a possible application that may help keep patients safe.
Also: USF St. Petersburg plays host to the St. Petersburg Times 16th Annual Festival of Reading Saturday, October 25. University Beat has a preview of the event and speaks to a pair of USFSP faculty memebers who will put their 'author' hats on and talk about their literary works at the Festival.

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2009 US Presidential Election Is Florida Ready for Another Election?
The Division of Elections in Tallahassee was inundated with new voter registrations just before the voting rolls closed October 6 and had to pass many of those to local elections offices for processing. Part of the problem was a new law commonly called "no match, no vote." Secretary of State Kurt Browning began enforcing the law in September after a court challenge failed. It required matching information from newly registered voters to the state's driver's license database and to the federal Social Security database. If the information fails to match, voters have to provide proof of their identity before they can vote - or vote a provisional ballot on Election Day and clear up the issue within 48 hours. Now, allegations of voter fraud from third-party registration groups like ACORN are surfacing here and around the country. In 2000, it was hanging chads and butterfly ballots. In 2004, it was missing votes in a Sarasota Congressional Race. In Florida ready for another presidential election?

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Clinton Kaminis and Alexandra 'Sandy' Frye Clinton Kaminis and Alexandra 'Sandy' Frye
Clinton Kaminis grew up in Tarpon Springs and became a teenager in the shadow of the Great Depression. One of several children born to ship builder Arthur P. Kaminis, Clinton, his father and five others traveled north in the summer of 1933 for an adventure that would have a lasting impact on the then 16 year-old Clinton. He sat down with friend Sandy Frye to detail the trip and the reason for the family's unique mode of transportation.

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