prescription drugs Today's Drug Testing Part 2
The State of Florida is currently taking part in a year-long pilot program that requires random drug testing among high school students who compete in football, baseball, softball, weight lifting and flag football. The Florida High School Athletic Association will report results of that program this summer. Lawmakers may then decide whether the program should continue and perhaps expand to include all sports and schools. While some reject the idea of random testing as an effective way to prevent young adults from using, others have looked to federal grants to start their own programs. Today's the deadline for schools to apply for 5.8 million dollars in funding from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Deputy Drug Czar Dr. Bertha Madras joins the discussion.

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Lars and David Dohm Lars and David Dohm
Lars Dohm was born in Denmark, and was living in Miami by age 16. With his German father and Danish mother, he spent his early years on the Restmor, a sailboat bound for a round-the-world voyage at sea. Today on Florida Stories we’ll hear from Lars as he tells his son David that what some might consider an almost fairy-tale childhood later found him longing for a different family experience. We open with David asking how the journey started.

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