Apple Martini Lowering the Drinking Age
More than 100 college and university presidents around the country have signed on to the Amethyst Initiative, a call for national discussion about underage alcohol use. The list includes the presidents of big-name schools like Ohio State University, Duke University and Johns Hopkins University. It also includes two local colleges. The signatories say the current minimum drinking age of 21 isn't working and they're concerned about their students' binge drinking behaviors. The release of the initiative has sparked national media attention and loud opposition from Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other groups. This week, join us for a conversation about binge drinking by college students, the minimum drinking age and what the Amethyst Initiative is working to accomplish.

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Olin and Doris Mott Olin and Doris Mott
Olin Mott was born in Coffee, Georgia in 1921, and being born into modest means he and his family saw the impact of the Depression first-hand. By the late 1930's Olin saw opportunity to better his family's situation by enlisting in the Army. After surviving injury during the attack on Pearl Harbor while stationed in Hawaii, Olin returned to the states, married his wife Doris, then set about creating a life as a family man, business owner, and philanthropist. Olin started today's story by picking up just after the war ended and related some of his life experiences during a conversation with his wife.

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