Best of 2008 Best of 2008
In the waning days of 2008, we'll consider two of our favorite shows from the past year. First, we'll revisit our conversation about the changing landscape of newspaper journalism in the Bay area and in the nation. Since we first aired this program, more layoffs have been announced throughout the industry and papers have discontinued home delivery several days a week or even stopped printing a daily paper altogether in favor of a Web-only product. So we'll listen back to our conversation about the shifting newspaper industry. And we'll go back and hear our discussion about the so-called brain drain in Florida's colleges in universities. Faculty have been leaving the state's higher-education institutions in search of better pay and more resources. Of course, the economy — and the state's budget — has only gotten worse since we first aired this show, so funding for higher education could be an item to watch in the coming budget deliberations in Tallahassee.

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Barbara J. Sorey Barbara J. Sorey
Barbara J. Sorey was born and raised in Clearwater. She's published two books about her early years, and today we'll hear readings on the holiday season from her book Florida Girl: Short Stories of Family, Community and History – 1804 to 1969. The following readings are excerpts from the chapter titled 'Special Times'.

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piggy bank Giving in a Troubled Economy
Along with mounting unemployment in Florida and around the nation come reports that more and more people are calling on the nation's noprofits for services. But while demand increases, the pool of potential donors shrinks as individuals and families reduce their discretionary spending. Of course, nonprofits provide more than social services; arts organizations, for example, are nonprofit and are still searching for support from the community. In these financially tough times, just how much support is out there - for those providing for the needy and those enriching the culture of our communities? Join us this week on Florida Matters as we talk about charitable giving in a faltering economy.

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Clinton Kaminis and Alexandra 'Sandy' Frye Clinton Kaminis and Alexandra 'Sandy' Frye
Clinton Kaminis grew up in Tarpon Springs and became a teenager in the shadow of the Great Depression. One of several children born to ship builder Arthur P. Kaminis, Clinton, his father and five others traveled north in the summer of 1933 for an adventure that would have a lasting impact on the then 16 year-old Clinton. He sat down with friend Sandy Frye to detail the trip and the reason for the family's unique mode of transportation.

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