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The television show America's Most Wanted helped to locate a suspect that was hiding in the Florida Keys, Authorities in central Florida have arrested a Walt Disney World food service worker for posessing child pornography,and the upcoming 2010 census is predicted to create many short term jobs both locally and nationally.
Rocky the Bull stomps out a cigarette at the USF Health Smoke-Free launch event USF Health Smoke-Free
From Rocky the Bull stomping out a giant cigarette to high school students finding out what they might look like twenty years from now if they smoked, USF Health rolled out all the stops at a recent event formally banning smoking on its part of the Tampa campus. This week’s University Beat on WUSF-TV has more on the decision and how it came about.
Also: USF Health is just saying “no” to smoking, as butts have been banned on its section of the Tampa campus. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 FM tells you why USF Health is making that move, and how it’s trying to stop future generations from ever starting to light up.

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Whooping Cranes Survival

John Canter, author, researcher, and environmentalist details "The Whooping Crane’s Story: An Endless Vigil". Discover the many aspects and interrelationships of the bird’s complex and endangered existence. Free.

Science Center of Pinellas County


7701 22nd Avenue, N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
United States

Venue Ensemble Theatre presents A.R. Gurney's Romantic Comedy about second chances in LATER LIFE

LATER LIFE is a poignant comedy about a middle-aged couple who re-discover each other at a cocktail party. Their attempts to rekindle an ‘almost’ romance begun nearly 30 years ago are constantly interrupted by a well-meaning hostess and an array of zany party-goers. Veteran actors Midge Mamatas and Michael DuMouchel portray the entire cast of intruding party guests.

Venue Theatre and Actors Studio


9125 US 19 N
Pinellas Park, FL 33782
United States
2009 Year in Review 2009 Year in Review (Rebroadcast)
As the saying goes, “It’s the economy, stupid.” That was the big story of 2009, touching all of our lives and driving much of the national conversation. Fittingly, it’s also the story we start with as we look back at the last year in Florida with WUSF’s reporting team. We recap a few of the biggest stories of the year and look at how they have impacted our communities.

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New Year's Special

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January 1, 2010
Musikverein in Vienna

Join us on New Year's Day 2010, for a sparkling celebration, live from the Golden Hall at the Musikverein in Vienna. The Vienna Philharmonic presents its annual New Year’s Day from Vienna, including your favorite waltzes and polkas, and so much more.

Dr. Henry L. Porter and Edna Holliman Dr. Henry L. Porter and Edna Holliman
Dr. Henry Porter’s father had a big influence on his perspective about education. Here, the musician, educator and Sarasota native tells his friend Edna Holliman about his father’s influence...and how he uses it to change the world in his own way.

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GuitarSarasota International Concert Series

Over the past four years, the GUITAR SARASOTA SHOWCASE CONCERT has been an event in which professional musicians from Tampa to Fort Myers have joined forces, to entertain the Sarasota audience with classical, jazz and flamenco music.

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