Mel Downing in 1945 Mel and David Downing
Mel Downing was born in Newton Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, in August 1926. By his own admission, Mel didn't do well in high school. At the end of his ninth grade year he entered the New York Military Academy. He enlisted in the US Navy at 17 with his father's consent, and was assigned sea duty on the USS Gosper. He served two years in combat zones in the war's Pacific theater, and by age 19 Mel was a seasoned war veteran. He spoke with his son David about his war experience and how the impact of the war stays with him today.

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Silhouette of a solider Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
A recent RAND Report finds that one in five Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer from PTSD or major depression. This week on Florida Matters, we take a look at how these injuries are treated at the bay area's two VA hospitals - and we'll meet a local Iraqi War veteran who knows the experience first-hand.

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