Ballet dancers Fall Arts Preview
The 2008-2009 arts season is upon us, so this week we'll take a look at the upcoming season for a few Bay area arts organizations. We're joined by three local artistic directors to talk about how they approach their work each year and what influences this season's performances. It's the thinking behind the art, this week on Florida Matters.

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Tony Castellano and Rose Castellano Mattran Tony Castellano and Rose Castellano Mattran
Tony Castellano was born in 1917 in Hoboken, New Jersey. One of five boys born into a large Italian-American family in the years before the First World War, Tony enjoyed a spirited childhood until all the sons were drafted into separate branches of the military at the outbreak of World War II. During a conversation he had with his daughter Rose in 2006, Tony described a few of the experiences he and his brothers witnessed firsthand while serving their country.

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Apple Martini Lowering the Drinking Age
More than 100 college and university presidents around the country have signed on to the Amethyst Initiative, a call for national discussion about underage alcohol use. The list includes the presidents of big-name schools like Ohio State University, Duke University and Johns Hopkins University. It also includes two local colleges. The signatories say the current minimum drinking age of 21 isn't working and they're concerned about their students' binge drinking behaviors. The release of the initiative has sparked national media attention and loud opposition from Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other groups. This week, join us for a conversation about binge drinking by college students, the minimum drinking age and what the Amethyst Initiative is working to accomplish.

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