students playing "Dance Dance Revolution" XRKade Interactive Fitness Lab
USF's School of Physical Education is now the home of the XRKade Research Lab, where researchers will look at interactive video games like "Dance Dance Revolution" and similar technology-based interactive activities to see what kind of effects they have on children's physical fitness.

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Pinellas County Schools Logo Neighborhood Schools
The Pinellas County School Board is considering a new plan for schools in that county. After decades of bussing students to integrate schools, the new plan would essentially keep students in schools close to home. Some call it the neighborhood school plan. According to a St Petersburg Times survey, most parents in the district support the plan. But opponents say it will re-segregate school in Pinellas County.

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Paul Wetmore and Patricia Shultze Paul Wetmore and Patricia Shultze
Paul Wetmore and Patty Shultze are brother and sister, two of three children born to parents Harry and Margaret Wetmore. They grew up in Oneonta in upstate New York, and Paul and Patty now live in Florida. They recently sat down to talk about growing up with their brother Chris, who was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old.

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