Rubadoux on a walk in the native Florida woodland that surrounds his home Craig Rubadoux
For artist Craig Rubadoux, the decision to move 'out to the country' was an easy one. Believing that his Sarasota home, as he saw it, was being crowded by development, Rubadoux moved further south to Englewood so that he could surround himself with the natural beauty that inspires his work. He recently invited Florida Stories producer Larry Elliston into his home for a glimpse at the 'wild Florida' landscape that Rubadoux longs to capture with his artwork.

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man in a garden Going Green
Going green is red hot these days, but you might not be aware of all the different ways you can be friendlier to the environment while improving your own life. Host Irene Maher introduces us to Jim Kovaleski, of New Port Richey, who combines form and function by turning his entire yard into a garden of "eat'n." Meanwhile, Carson Cooper takes us to Sweetwater Organic Community Farm, a little bit of country right in the heart of the city. Later, Kim Button, from Greenwell Consulting, shows us how to rid your body and home of unnecessary chemicals. Switching gears over to the alternative energy side, you'll also meet a man who's "green" approach to gas-guzzling vehicles caused a seafood company out of Orlando to completely restructure their business. Larry Elliston then introduces us to a teacher in St. Petersburg who turned an energy-saving house project into a valuable learning lesson for her class.
Also: Florida officials want more renewable energy. A bill in the Legislature would mandate that power companies get 20 percent of their energy from renewable sources like wind, solar, bio-mass and nuclear power. But it's still uncertain if the measure will pass, and if it does, what the resulting system will look like. Learn about the proposal as well as developments in Florida's solar industry.

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Flo Search outside her home in St. Petersburg Flo Search
In this Florida Stories episode we're looking at what it means to "go green," and how an elementary school teacher is trying to share this environmental concept with her students. St. Petersburg resident Flo Search gave producer Larry Elliston a tour of her home and offered a glimpse as to how she's implemented some "green" technology.

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