flag, balloons, hat and button The Hispanic Vote
The Pew Hispanic Center reports that Hispanic voters have been shifting their support toward Democrats during the last two years, a reversal of the trend toward the GOP in the earlier part of the decade. As the presidential election nears, both campaigns are targeting Hispanics - in Florida and around the country. This week, we bring together Republican and Democratic Hispanics to talk about the Hispanic vote in Florida: what's important to those voters and how to reach out to them.

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Jim and Jenny Carlstedt Dr. Philip Adler and Jenny Carlstedt
Philip Adler moved to Tampa in 1958 after finishing pediatric residences in Boston and Detroit. One day in 1965 while he was in private practice, Dr. Adler was presented with an infant and a challenging medical case that he immediately realized could be treated with what at the time was new medical technology. More than 40 years after the event, Dr. Adler shared his impressions of that day in one conversation, while Jenny Carlstedt, the infant from Dr. Adler's story and now an adult, related her perspective on the experience to her husband Jim.

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