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This week we meet up with some of Florida’s Cuban Americans to discuss our state's history with Cuba and our strained relationship, that continues today. We also talk embargo with some early exiles of the Castro revolution. We hear from Roberto Quiros, a Tampa man who escaped Cuba in 1994 by raft as he shares the drama of his experience.
Also: Get caught up on the shows you might have missed so far this year. We talk about how venture capitalists fund innovative ideas in Florida. Get a better understanding of what "green" means in our world today. And we look at ways high school students are preparing for their lives after graduation.

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Fidel Castro's impact on the Cuban consciousness is still felt today Marilyn Garatiex
Ernie Garatiex, his sister Marilyn and his wife Yvette are first-generation Cuban-Americans. Marilyn, a journalist for the St. Petersburg Times, wrote about her family's experience growing up with a keen awareness of her parents' impressions of a Castro-led Cuban government. Her personal essay was written a year ago, and it's as relevant today as it ever was. It details the sometimes painful disconnect between generations, like that of her parents and her young niece and nephew, and the challenge that stems from holding onto yesterday while looking toward tomorrow. Producer Larry Elliston introduces us to the Garatiex family in this week's Florida Story.

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