stem cell Stem Cell Controversy
Some observers are "banking" on stem cell research as the source for the next major medical breakthrough. What kind of stem cell research holds the most promise? Who stands to gain the most? Will the political winds in Florida play a role in this controversial endeavor? We explore the issue with our guests.

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Judith Viener Judith Viener and Laura Bamond
In 1996 Judith Viener was involved in a cycling accident. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that impacted her career, her personal relationships and her day-to-day life. Judith speaks with her friend Laura Bamond about the accident, her recovery and her outlook from this point forward.

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house made of money Property Tax Battle
The mayor of one small Florida town is racing against the clock trying to overturn the new property tax cuts. Why has Weston mayor Eric Hersh taken his fight to the courts, and why he is in such a hurry? Are the recently passed tax reforms good public policy? Are the cuts constitutional? How does Florida’s tax burden compare to other states?

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