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<p>This week WUSF reporters Steve Newborn and John Sepulvado join Susan Giles Wantuck to discuss important stories aired on Florida Matters. Stem Cell Research, then Environment and the Democratic Primary are among some of the topics.</p> <p>Shows discussed in this program:<br /> Early Primary<br /> Florida moved its presidential primary from March to January. The major political parties are unhappy. Other states are responding. Florida Democrats stand to lose delegate vote and some candidates say they won't campaign here. What does all this mean?<br /> <br /> Going Green<br /> The rush to go green has been named as the reason dairy and beef prices are going up. What are the other "hidden" costs of going green? What does this mean for the plan for carbon caps in Florida?<br /> <br /> Stem Cell Controversy<br /> Some observers are "banking" on stem cell research as the source for the next major medical breakthrough. What kind of stem cell research holds the most promise? Who stands to gain the most? Will the political winds in Florida play a role in this controversial endeavor?</p>

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Nick (17), Cherie (20), Bobby (12), Eric (13) and Ethan (7) The Dersch Family
Joe and Sally Dersch live in Winter Haven. When you meet them, you'll find that they often use the word 'blended'. It's a word that best describes their life choices both inside and outside the home. This is the second marriage for both of them and 'blending' also describes the process of combining their households and families when they married in 1999. Sally begins with a definition of the phrase 'blended family', and how well it fits their lives.

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Barbara J. Sorey Barbara J. Sorey
Barbara J. Sorey was born and raised in Clearwater. She’s published two books about her early years, and today we’ll hear readings on the holiday season from her book Florida Girl: Short Stories of Family, Community and History – 1804 to 1969. The following readings are excerpts from the chapter titled ‘Special Times.’

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