Bank Repos Open House Sign Foreclosures Hit Florida
Foreclosures are up, confidence in the housing market is down and home prices are leveling off. This week on Florida Matters, we look at Florida's erratic housing market and what it means for the state, what it means for the region, and how it compares nationally.

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Carol Byrd and Edith Illgen Carol Byrd and Edith Illgen
In 1938, Edith Illgen was a 13-year-old girl living in Germany. An only child born to middle class parents, she understood little of the long shadow that would be cast by Adolf Hitler's rise to power. During her teenage years she moved from place to place as the result of advancing warfronts. She stuggled to provide food for the older members of her family, and to secure their day-to-day survival. Edith spoke with friend Carol Bryd about some of her experiences during World War II, opening the conversation with a European view of the start of the war.

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