food from different cultures Technology and Open Government
Join us as we explore the international diversity of the Bay Area. Florida is a melting pot, an international community that represents countries from around the globe. So what do foreigners bring to the table? We'll answer that question, literally, as we take a look at the types of food you can find in Florida thanks to our diverse international culture. We head to Pinellas county and meet some young immigrants in the public school system who are integrating into the American way of life. And Larry Elliston introduces us to a family who are happy to now call America home.
Also: Staffers at Florida’s utility regulator have been in trouble lately for giving their cell phones’ instant messaging codes to power company officials. Turns out, that could violate the state’s broad public records and open government laws if there is no record kept of conversations. This week, we’ll look at the impact on open government of rapid changes in the ways we communicate with each other.

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Music and Emotions

Photo: NPR Bryce Richter/University of Wisconsin-Madison
monkey Photo: NPR Bryce Richter/University of Wisconsin-Madison

Music has gone to the monkeys and it’s helping us figure out why music can alter our emotions.
Listen to this NPR story about understanding the nature of music. Feel free to share your thoughts on how music affects your emotions.

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