prescription drugs Today's Drug Testing
In 2007, Florida lawmakers passed House Bill 461 that mandated state high schools be involved in random testing for anabolic steroids use beginning in fall of 2007. One of three states to mandate testing among high school students so far, Florida's High School Athletic Association report of the "pilot program" is set to come out summer of 2008. Some local schools report seeing effective drops in non-steroid related drug use since implementing testing programs using federal grants even prior to the bill's passage. But others question the effectiveness of such programs as preventative measures among their students.

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William Russell - taken on Tinian Island 1945 William F. 'Rusty' Russell and Catherine Russell
William Russell was nearly 18 years old in 1943 when he tried to join the Marines at a recruitment office in Louisville, KY. After being told the quota was met the day he tried to enlist, he was sent to a Navy recruiter. He took the physical exams and when accepted was told he'd be serving with the Seabees. 'Rusty', as his wife Catherine calls him, opens the story with a description of the Seabees and his experience in the South Pacific as we continue our focus on World War II-era stories.

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Mentally Ill Inmate: Courtesy of St. Pete Times Mentally Incompetent Inmates Part 2
This week on Florida Matters: By many accounts, Florida's mental health system is broken. At one point, Florida's former DCF Secretary faced jail time because of the backlog of incompetent jail inmates awaiting treatment. The Florida Supreme Court tapped a Miami judge to come up with a report on how to transform Florida's mental health system. Join us as we take another look at mentally incompetent inmates on this week's Florida Matters.

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Dr. Philip Adler Dr. Philip Adler
Pediatrician Dr. Philip Adler came to Tampa from New England in the late 1950's. He tells Maisie Tivnan of the StoryCorps oral history project how he became an agent of change to provide equal medical care to all patients in a city divided by race.

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