Brad and Holly Swanson with their father Ted Ted Swanson
He had many titles in his days in the film industry, but Ted Swanson began his career as a paige. Soon afterwards he became a stunt man & actor, finally finding a foothold behind the camera as an assistant director where he worked on many feature films. Recently Ted sat down and talked with his daughter Holly and his son Brad about the memories of working in the film industry where he learned to perfect his greatest role, the family man.

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TAMPA (2009-08-07)
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glass blower Arts in Tampa Bay
Whether you're an art connoisseur or paint-by-numbers is more your style, we're going to take you off the beaten path this week to introduce you to some bay area artists you may not know. We ask the question: What defines art? We'll show you a couple examples right here in the bay area that defy conventional standards of the definition. Host Irene Maher takes us to a small community in Pinellas County that is fired up about the arts. Carson Cooper introduces us to a photographer who considers conservation awareness just as important as the framing of his shot when considering his next project, while Susan Giles Wantuck travels to an artist's retreat right in Manatee county that provides the perfect backdrop for artistic creativity. And Larry Elliston introduces us to a painter who finds inspiration right in his own backyard.
Also: For many artists, their creations are a hobby, a passion, an outlet. Some artists make a go of it as professionals, depending on their creativity to provide an income. But is there demand for art in this sour economy? And how do you take that leap to turn art-making into a career? This week, learn how artists are making that happen.

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Leo Porebski with his son Peter Leo Porebski
As a young man Leo Porebski (Pour-eb-ski) had aspirations of someday becoming an aircraft mechanic. As US involvement in World War II became inevitable, Leo was convinced he would be drafted sooner or later and proactively enlisted in the U.S. Army. Leo sat down with his son Peter to discuss his near death experiences aboard the USS Calvin Coolidge while conducting amphibious assaults in the pacific theatre.

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