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Whether you’re a parent pinching pennies, or a policy-maker trying to find the best ways to allocate funds, the economy is probably at the forefront of your mind these days. Host Irene Maher meets with area economic development council directors to see how they’re weathering the storm and gearing up for President Obama’s stimulus package. Meanwhile, Carson Cooper introduces us to Sue Heinz, a married mother of four from Sarasota featured in Parade Magazine and on The Oprah Winfrey Show for her tried-and-true thrifty techniques for living. You’ll also get a chance to peek behind the counter and see what it’s like to work as a job placement counselor during tough economic times, as Larry Elliston heads to the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance.
Also: Every day, we hear more reports of layoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures and public funding shortfalls. It's the chronicle of a faltering economy that is impacting all Floridians. This week, we're taking a look at the state's cycles of economic boom-and-bust. And we'll hear from local business who are doing well despite the gloom cast by the current recession.

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Mary Jane and Bob Martinez Mary Jane and Bob Martinez
High school sweethearts Mary Jane and Bob Martinez were born and raised in Tampa. After high school they set their sights on college and their entry into the work force. After receiving degrees, Bob and his wife spent several years moving about the country, starting a family and continuing to pursue additional education. All of these experiences led to the couple's focus on public service - and Bob's service in public office.

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