Sallie Parks and Julie Scales Sallie Parks and Julie Scales
Dunedin City Commissioner Julie Scales loves politics. Since her youth, she has been involved with and impassioned about the political process, civil service and the wide range of issues big and small that affects us all. She and former Pinellas County Commissioner Sallie Parks discuss her life as a politician, the impact that has had on her family, and one fateful meeting at the League Of Women Voters that launched her career.

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ethanol pumps The Future of Bio-Fuels
New plants around the state are gearing up to produce ethanol. Is bio-fuel the answer to our energy problems or does it cost too much to produce? This week’s guests say a switch to homegrown fuels can provide relief from our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and while it’s not a “silver bullet,” it is an important piece of the alternative.

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property for rent Affordable Renting
With real estate prices at an all time high, the prospect of owning a home is nearly unimaginable for many Floridians. Now some lower income workers are having trouble finding housing to rent. Faced with rising taxes, insurance and other costs, landlords are passing the financial burden along to renters. On this week’s Florida Matters, WUSF’s Carson Cooper discusses the issue of affordable renting with tenants, landlords and housing experts.

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