Chloe J. Coney and Bernadine White King Chloe J. Coney and Bernadine White King
Chloe Coney relates the determination that she felt as a 13-year-old in the 1960s as one of a few black children called upon to integrate Tampa’s public schools. “I must do this,’’ the teen told her worried mother without hesitation. Coney, King and others like them found inspiration and encouragement in the words of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Their example provided the strength necessary to help open the doors of all public establishments to all people.

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child eating a cracker Childhood Obesity
The Centers for Disease Control estimates more than 15 percent of the nation's children and adolescents are obese. Who's to blame? Is it the parents? The schools? The fast food industry? Many experts say that when we promote healthy eating habits in children we may be teaching the most important lesson they will ever learn. But does childhood obesity necessarily lead to adult obesity? What adult health problems are related to being overweight as a kid?

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Jill Vanderkam and Nancy Bell Jill Vanderkam and Nancy Bell
Friends Jill Vanderkam and Nancy Bell of Tampa gain strength from each other as they tell their powerful stories about being raped and finding the courage to recover. Both talk openly in the community about their experiences and have fought hard for changes in attitudes and laws to protect others from one of society’s most vile crimes.

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