High school teachers in an Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) Chemistry AP Teachers
While Advanced Placement classes are challenging to high school students, they're not exactly easy for the teachers either! USF's David C. Anchin Center and the College of Education recently hosted the AP Summer Institute, and this week's University Beat on WUSF takes you inside the classrooms and laboratories and speaks to some of the teachers, ranging from first-time AP instructors looking for pointers to long-time veterans refreshing their skills.
Also: Over six hundred teachers from around the country came to the University of South Florida this summer for a week-long course to prepare them for the challenging year that awaits them as Advanced Placement instructors. This week's University Beat brings you a glimpse into the A-P Summer Institute and shows you how teachers get ready for classes that could make a huge difference in a student's college career.

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Bobbie O'Brien and Earl Quenneville Bobbie O'Brien and Earl Quenneville
A Yale Graduate, an architect, and a World War II veteran; Earl Quenneville has accomplished many things in his life. But no accomplishment, he says, has been greater than the day he met the love of his life - WUSF's own Bobbie O'Brien. Earl and Bobbie talk about their 31 years together and how their legacy of love will live on.

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Bay area homeowner Facing the Mortgage Crisis
Meet four sets of homeowners living right here in the Bay Area that have experienced what it's like to go through a foreclosure. They could be your best friend, or co-worker, a family member, or your neighbor. None of them expected to lose their homes. With so many homeowners falling into foreclosure because of lost jobs or reduced hours, we'll also introduce you to an organization around the state that can help the unemployed find work. Last but not least, we tackle the topic of foreclosure scams and teach you the warning signs to look out for so you don't fall victim yourself.
Also: The number of foreclosures in Florida has quadrupled since 2006. In Bradenton and Sarasota alone, foreclosures rose 600 percent between 2006 and 2008. This week on Florida Matters, we're examining the impact of foreclosure on our community. We'll answer listener-submitted questions about mortgage problems and connect you with resources to help if you're facing the prospect of losing your home.

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